this is when i feel it
when i’m wrapped in your arms
and sitting by your side
sober as a bird
and flying high on your fumes

this is when i feel it
miles away but i know you’re there
when i’ve had some to smoke
and even more to drink
and you trust me all the same



I would watch the sun set with you
Just to watch it rise for the next 16 hours
Where we count down the days
Until fatigue and contentment settles in
Down into the marrow that is our bones.

I would watch the sun rise with you
Just to see it set on our dreams
And lay them to rest
When our failures only leave us each other
Tangled in our lives we’ve weaved of hope.

I will wait out the days and count the nights
To make a life that is full, but futile
Holding you close
And never saying no
To making each other happy


I’m trying so desperately hard
Not to say those little words
To the point of my own betrayal.

I whisper them softly
Secretly hoping you’ll hear
So that I don’t have to feel so frail.

I need to tell you
And express how much I truly care
In hopes that it will mean
you’ll always be there.

But for now
I keep biting my tongue
Hoping that the battle is lost
But the war is won.