my perfect life isn’t some setup containing perfectly matched white sheets and duvets,
it’s queen bed frames clothed in king sheets sporting mismatched patterns and colors.

my perfect life doesn’t include posts about crushes and dreams
it’s secret cuddles before bedtime and entwined feet while we sleep.

my perfect life is a gallery wall made with all the portraits held by clear thumb tacks,
comprised of the art and life that made us feel deeply and love profoundly.

my perfect life doesn’t beautifully capture the light on the camera,
but it does capture the beauty in smiles and laughter.
it’s messy and moving constantly
going at a rate that always seems to catch me off-guard

my perfect life is all i never dreamed of asking for
because i couldn’t ever quite articulate how wonderful it really is.


at some point, i grew up
and started losing the things i cared for
stopped dreaming my big dreams
and working hard toward fantasies

at some point, i stopped feeling
a compassion for the world
because things started haunting me in my life
taunting me, causing strife

i couldn’t control the frustration inside
that left me feeling unfurled.

lost and forgotten,
no child of this world.
surface emotions and false promises,
so deep in your own pain, toes curled.


we all get jaded, some more quickly than others.

maybe we become jaded to the actions we have
and the things that life taught us
when just living comes with limitations of jealousy, loss, heartbreak, and loneliness.
we find in that jaded state of living, where we ignore the things that molded us into beings and pasts we can’t remember, that we hurt each other and not in ways we’d ever expect.
we push past the faults that we can’t quite plainly see
and realize, more than not, those faults you find in others
are really faults you’ve discovered inward, in your own “me”


you came around when the times were wrong
and brought with you the pain
of rebuilding lives that are broken already
and people you will always try to help in vain

you can’t help but to be true
to the nature you’ve been taught
and reopen the battles of those you love
the battles they’ve already fought.


little girl from oklahoma
you were the tornado that was never asked for
born from true intentions
you reck more havoc than you fix
and everyone said you can’t do anything to help it
because it’s in your mother-nature
engrained in the winds you blow
but you know you could have at least tried to stop yourself
if only you’d pay attention to know



what girl doesn’t wish for a happy family
from which she was born
does everyone have their own experience
of blood only feeling hatred and scorn

i want the times where i am fun and naive
because it’s a harsher thing to accept this truth
than i can ignore
what i believe