Detach yourself from time.
Do you really think the universe uses time as its tool? Do you think that the stars sit and count each second until they implode into dusk and into dawn. 
Detach from time telling you that what you’re going through is or isn’t okay at this moment, because time doesn’t matter. You’re going to go through it regardless. 
Detach from using time as a measure of life, instead of the moments lived and people loved. 
Detach from time counting down your every step to being older, wiser, more mature. 
You won’t get a life from time. You get life by working towards goals, from getting through the hard parts, from holding on even when it’s so much easier to let go. 
Detach your soul from counting minutes and seconds, so that you can start counting moments and sentiments. Detach yourself from time, so that time does not control you. 


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