It’s really quite funny because I can feel myself changing. I can actually, visually see that what I am feeling is going to strengthen me. I can see that I am becoming someone more than the person I was brought up and made to believe I always was.

I can feel the fundamentals of my bones shifting and settling into place, at least until they’re ready to change again. I can feel, that through all this pain, I am finding more of who I ever was and who other people are for me. I am not alone and I am not weak.

It’s this subtle shift causing a stronger desire to be better, to move, to improve. This subtle connection to the world that I’ve never had before. To keep learning and seeing new things.

I realize that who I thought I wanted to be, might still ring slightly true, but it’s not who I am. It’s not who I have to be unless I choose to be it. But I don’t. I am me.


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