sometimes i write notes to myself on my phone.
sometimes i know these notes are total crap, some are fucking genius.
these notes are mushy, cynical, profound, misinformed, elitist, and asinine.
some of it is poetry and a lot of it is just fucking bullshit i tell myself thinking i’ve come across something new.

this is my place to post this.
this is me 100% raw.
this is going to be where i don’t care about your opinion because it’s not your life.
it’s mine.
and while i hope some of it does resonate, it doesn’t matter to me.
because this is where i will go, 6 months from now, looking at why i am who i am
and why my life is turning out the way it is.

i want to write. and i want to write without the worry that i will offend
or have to censor myself.

so if you cannot respect that, please remove yourself now.
thank you,


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