S I T , PART 1

i feel okay when i sit

i feel okay when i am able to look up at the stars
with as much wonder as my soul will allow
knowing they look down on me
with as much energy as only a star can hold

i feel okay when i am grounded to the earth
by nothing by my body and soul,
because my spirit always follows suit
and when i sit on the ground
it embraces me
and swallows my worries whole

i feel okay when i listen to slow, heartbroken songs
songs that make most people sad
because they make me happy
and i can fade my life into theirs
by folding my heart into the strum of the guitar

i feel okay when i am the earth
and when the earth becomes me
when namaste reaches the level of pure consideration of others
and meditating is a habit, not a requirement
when i am in the presence of ghosts past
and futures that are living in the present

i am okay when i sit and let myself just be.


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