You and I aren’t friends anymore. We haven’t been for a while now. It honestly makes me sad because I did like you, I still do to be completely honest. But we aren’t friends and we have to be real about it. As much as I wanted to; as much as I could see you in my future, but I never knew how much you really felt for me. And if it was a lot, then that’s on my part that I can’t feel it. 

But I always needed to be who I was and I don’t want anyone who takes me for less than I am. I don’t deserve it and neither does the person settling. 

I know this is unwarranted and more than probably unwanted, but I can only be myself when I’m drunk to you. Maybe that’s why I liked getting drunk for so long. But i can’t now. I won’t really. But I needed you to know this. And it may be dramatic, but I mean that’s part of it and who I am and you don’t want that.


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