Yesterday I was told that a person can’t live their life without having regrets; I’ve come to the conclusion that I very much disagree with this sentiment. Do I WISH I would have stayed home some nights, worked more, done more research, gone to the gym instead of going out, etc? Yes. Do I REGRET having gone out and lived my life, having made connections, having tried to help people, and having listened to stories first hand I could never have otherwise? Not in the slightest. I have never done anything I have regretted up to this point in my life. My actions may not have felt good in the moment or I may have been embarrassed, but I live my life on being true to myself. I live my life on the principle of love, progression, and perseverance. I have never regretted one single moment of my life. Apparently that is rare, but it is completely possible for someone to go through their life without regrets. For someone to be so true and comfortable in who they are that they recognize not all actions are good, and not all unsatisfying actions are mistakes. You learn, you live, you connect, you love. You are an individual and no one should ever feel they have to regret any part of living a life full of experiences.


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