My charm stops working after the first 5 months you know me. That’s when I know that your appreciation for me is real and that you like me, not just that you think I’m “nice” and especially because you need “nice” in your life. Most people can’t get past the fact that I can’t tell a story or that I believe there’s good in everyone, always, and that highlighting this belief will lead to a better future. If you don’t or can’t realize that, it’s your own fault. I never claimed to be a realist. I never claimed to tell you the truth. I claim to try and make you the best person I know you can be and if you don’t want to be it, then that’s your own problem, not mine. Don’t put that on me that I have the most faith in you, whoever you are. I feel like I have a general understanding of how people work and I know that you don’t always need to hear the shit end of the world, so I’ll give you the bliss. I’ll also tell you when I think you’re wrong, in the nicest way. You can deal with it and realize that’s who the fuck I am.


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