Things (Not) On Thursdays: Music


Lately I’ve been obsessively listening to music. OBSESSIVELY. I’m not super current on new bands, but I’ve found a few lately that I adore. I will always have a hard time choosing my favorite bands because they always change, but my top 4 bands right now are:

1. The Neighbourhood. So moody, so good. And they curse like professionals and I love it.
Favorite Song: Flawless

2. Now, Now. I honestly just discovered them, like, today. The lead singer’s voice is so calming, but makes me feel empowered, like I want to make something of my life. Most of my favorite music has this quality, case in point: Regina Spektor.
Favorite Song: School Friends

3. Mr. Little Jeans. This girl is erethral. It makes me want to float in a pool and stare at the stars for hours. Or fall in love. But mostly the first one.
Favorite Song: Runaway or Rescue Song – RAC Remix. I couldn’t choose.

4. Wolf Gang. The opening beat gets me every time. And his voice has a whiney quality, which I adore. Don’t ask me why, I also loved when Ashlee Simpson did it, don’t judge me.
Favorite Song: Lions In Cages.

Bonus Tracks: I’ve been super digging these songs. Like on repeat, 20 times a day minimum.
The Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
Kings of Leon – Pyro
Stateless – Bloodstream


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