Knowing and Feeling

I feel as if I’ve been incredibly insightful lately. I also feel as though that’s cocky to say, but accurate. I’ve found myself writing little thoughts down, sending myself mental notes to ponder over at a later time, and hoping to have a chance to share these thoughts with people. While eventually I may get to the others, this thought seemed very important to me.

Lately I’ve been wrestling with the idea of knowing right and wrong vs. feeling what you know is right and wrong. Which is more important? Which leads to a better sense of being and ultimately a better sense of inner peace? What if you never get to realize the actuality of something being right or wrong? I know there is not a seemingly huge difference of knowing versus feeling if something is right or wrong, but to clarify, the way I think of it is as this:

Knowing something is right or wrong isn’t necessarily “knowing”. It’s more of what you have been taught through society or past situations that make your brain tell you something is the way it is. It is not a fact that it is right or wrong, because then where would the dilemma be? It is the realization that people are biased based on past experiences, even if something is not the same as the previous experience.

Feeling something is right or wrong is more based on instinct. It is the thing you gravitate towards, even when your brain tells you not to. It is your internal guidance system, your soul if you will, making a judgement based on your personality and depth of character instead of fact and experience.

I’ve learned over time which choice I will never regret, but is it always right? I feel like that’s where the quote comes into play. The things that you connect with, be it knowing something to be true, or feeling it to be true, are the things that make you who you are. Whether you steer with your heart or steer with your head, you have to connect with your decisions, to believe in them, and this is what will ultimately make you satisfied with your choices.

When I was thinking this thought I was obviously thinking of people and interests, maybe not necessarily the way you perceive things, but I think it’s still applicable in a way.


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