Once upon a time, 4 years ago I had a thought, and was smart enough to write it down. Considering I was studying psychology  (via Itunes University, very professional…) I have considered this thought extremely resonant and helpful lately. I’ve been dwelling on this thought, and given my nice, confident mix of sober and tipsy (sorry, but it’s the truth, but I mean it is 2 a.m. on a Saturday) I feel solid enough to share it with you now.

Humans survive on hope. Hope is the stepping stone to brilliance. Telling yourself you are not good enough will make you even more depressed. Hope will shine through your darkness and conquer all of your doubts.

As soon as I found this piece of paper I knew there was something to it, which may be cocky of me, but it’s true. I’m a firm believer that things that you think will come to be in some way or another. If you believe that you will fail, you will fail. If you believe that you can conquer mountains, while you may not actually conquer mountains (because who has the time, really?) you will overcome your personal mountains, stronger than when you started your journey.

I honestly hope that I always believe in hope. It will bring me out of my dark days, lead me to better tomorrows, and ensure that while my life may not always be what I expect, or hope, I will always be happy with the path that I’ve taken because I know that if I decide I don’t like it I can always change it.

On another note:
Tonight it was talked about amongst friends that you are not strictly a “good” or “bad” person, and that no one can claim one or the other until the death of someone; it was also mentioned that most people are living life trying to be perceived as a good person when they die. This is how I interpreted it at least. While I do mostly agree that you are not necessarily good or bad (contrary to what I stated, because I was being difficult), I don’t agree that people are living their life to be perceived as these things after they die.

I believe people are living their life trying to be percieved as these things before they die, to those around them. I get why people want to be remembered in the best light, but what benefit do they get out of it? They are not there to reap the benefits of their labors of good or bad behaviors. There’s no way I’m trying to be a good person to be remembered that way, I’m trying to be a good person to influence the people around me to be good and kind. I’m trying to be a good person to make my life more pleasurable, more fulfilling. So while I do mostly agree, I don’t agree 100%. I’ve said my peace.


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