Things for Thursday

currently 2013- 5:2


1. Trying: to live by this saying. I’m trying to go with the flow, but never accept less than I deserve. It’s a big lesson for me, and I want to learn it, practice it, and live it.

2. Plotting: on what tattoo I want to get next. Preferably in this style as a half sleeve on my arm. I am in love with this style and illustration and artist in general! I may be working towards trying to illustrate my own tattoo in this style, but most likely not, it’s my drawing style opposite.

3. Editing: my photos for my first boudoir shoot for class. I took maybe 200 photos and somehow narrowed it down to 79 finals. They’re all SO GOOD. This girl is a professional.

4. Practicing: yoga. Free People have been posting a pose a day challenge, and while I can kind of half do it, I’m still going to yoga every Tuesday night, focusing on myself, and feeling refreshed every time. So worth it.


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