I don’t know how I feel, what to think, what I know, what is real.
Every time I look at myself I change. Emotions stirring. A new one comes to the top every few seconds. Anger rising, the cream of the crop. Is it love. I don’t think so, not for me. But my love for others, it will be the thing to set me apart from myself, set me free.
We all have our own personal hell, the thing that makes our spine twist into knots, our stomach churn, and ultimately lead our hearts to burn.
Our minds are the jail cell, keeping us trapped, replaying the moments we wish we could take back. Trapping the never-ending anger and sadness that dwells deep down inside. Playing over and over the memories, we want so badly to hide.
Just one fleeting glance into the soul, one chance to see, the different side of you and me.
Take the sorrow, shove the pain, keep the happiness. You’ve only you to blame.


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